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Orc 0.4.30 release

Sebastian Dröge-3
The GStreamer team is pleased to announce a new release of orc, the
Optimised inner loop Runtime Compiler.

  - Don't always generate static library but default to shared-only (Xavier Claessens)
  - Work around false positives in Microsoft UWP certification kit (Nirbheek Chauhan)
  - Add endbr32/endbr64 instructions on x86/x86-64 for indirect branch tracking (Wim Taymans)
  - Fix gtk-doc build when orc is used as a meson subproject (Mathieu Duponchelle)
  - Switch float comparison in tests to ULP method to fix spurious failures (Doug Nazar)
  - Fix flushing of ARM icache when using dual map (Doug Nazar)
  - Use float constants/parameters when testing float opcodes (Doug Nazar)
  - Add support for Hygon Dhyana processor (fanjinke)
  - Fix PPC/PPC64 CPU family detection (Doug Nazar)
  - Add little-endian PPC support (Doug Nazar)
  - Fix compiler warnings with clang (Matthew Waters)
  - Mark exec mapping writable in debug mode for allowing breakpoints (Doug Nazar)
  - Various codegen refactorings (Doug Nazar)
  - autotools support has been dropped in favour of Meson as build system (Tim-Philipp Müller)
  - Fix PPC CPU feature detection and add support for VSX/v2.07 (Doug Nazar)
  - Add double/int64 support for PPC (Doug Nazar)

Direct download:

ba41b92146a5691cd102eb79c026757d39e9d3b81a65810d2946a1786a1c4972 orc-0.4.30.tar.xz

Please report any issues in Gitlab:

Sebastian Dröge, Centricular Ltd · https://www.centricular.com

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