Not able to create decoder element using gst-omx plugin in android

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Not able to create decoder element using gst-omx plugin in android


I am experimenting on how to use gst-omx plugin to access h/w decoder/encoder in Android. So I built one simple NDK C application , creating a playback pipeline using h264 omx decoder element. But when I try to execute I get the following instruction failed.

decoder = gst_element_factory_make(""omxh264dec", "h264");
if (!decoder)
       g_printerr("decoder elements not created.... Exiting\n");
       return -1;

Please note that, prior to this,

A) I built gst-omx plugin for Android and then put this plugin into gstreamer 1.0 folder.There after using NDK to build and my sample app.
B) Then I built a test app using NDK and gstreamer 1.0 to use omx plugin along with other plugin.

In my, I mentioned
GSTREAMER_PLUGINS := coreelements videoconvert audioconvert audioresample playback omx

which builds fine without any complain. So I believe there is no problem with OMX plugin creation and packaging that into

What am I doing wrong? is there any step that I am missing?

How to ensure, if the said element is loaded or not?

I checked gstomx.c :plugin_init, and I found the following line

    ret |= gst_element_register (plugin, elements[i], rank, subtype);

But couldn't figure it out what would be actual h264decoder component name and why is it failing.

Any suggestion would be a great help to me.

Thanks in advance!