Negotiation error with streamiddemux

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Negotiation error with streamiddemux

Vinod Kesti

I am trying to mux and demux raw video/audio using funnel and streamiddemux

Below is the pipeline, funnel is used to mux audio/x-raw and video/x-raw.
Later the stream is demuxed through streamiddemux. Pipeline behaviour is
inconsistent across multiple runs.  Some times pipeline runs as expected and
some times I get negotiation error.

gst-launch-1.0 uridecodebin uri=file:Devdas.mp4 name=dec \
dec.! video/x-raw ! fun.sink_0 \
dec.! audio/x-raw ! fun.sink_1 \
funnel name=fun ! streamiddemux name=sid \
sid. ! video/x-raw !  videoconvert ! fakesink \
sid. ! audio/x-raw !  audioconvert ! fakesink

Why the behaviour is not consistent across mulitple runs ??
Why I am getting negotiation error ??

I am using 1.12.4 for testing.

Thanks in advance.

~ Vinod

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