Mixed IDR / non IDR frames decoding issue in gstreamer

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Mixed IDR / non IDR frames decoding issue in gstreamer

I am sending a video stream from one android device to another using

I am following the code from this  link
for the gstreamer pipeline on the server and my gstreamer pipeline on the
client is as below,

rtspsrc location=rtsp://host_address:port_no/test drop-on-latency=true
use-pipeline-clock=true do-retransmission=false latency=0 ! rtph264depay !
h264parse ! avdec_h264 output-corrupt=false skip-frame=1 max-threads=3 !
queue max-size-time=3000000000 min-threshold-time=1000000000
max-size-bytes=0 max-size-buffers=0 ! autovideosink sync=false

But I am getting this below error constantly on the client and I get random
blockiness in the output video because of this.

*invalid mixed IDR / non IDR frames cannot be decoded in slice
multithreading mode*

So can you help me to find out where I am doing wrong in the pipelines or
anywhere else?

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