Mingw installation instructions are broken

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Mingw installation instructions are broken

Wes Miller
If you follow the links from the GST Documentation page you get to http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/wiki/SettingUpMinGWMSysEnvironment?highlight=%28mingw\-get%29
which begins with this text:

THIS PAGE IS OUTDATED. mingw-get  finally reached beta stage and is capable of installing all official MinGW packages, so there is no need to use setup-mingw or other wrappers. Please use mingw-get and update this page accordingly

followed by what was apparently the now outdated text.

NOTE: I did a lot of debug and still can't get the outdated instructions to work.  I did get mingw-get to install but don't know what else to install to use that solution.

Several related pages all begin with this:

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Are there more current, not broken, instructions to follow for doing a windows build of Gstreamer?