Memory Leaks GStreamer 1.0

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Memory Leaks GStreamer 1.0

We are having memory leaks in our gstreamer python code when we try to run
for a long time periods.

System config:

intel i9
4 black magic Intensity Pro capture cards
Nvidia P4000
64 GM RAM 512 nvm M.2 ssd

Gstreamer Pipelines.

To Extract Frame: decklinkvideosrc connection=HDMI device-id=<0,3>
do-timestamp=True output-stream-time=True ! queue max-size-buffers=10
max-size-bytes=0 max-size-time=0 ! videoconvert ! appsink emit-signals=True
sync=True caps=video/x-raw,format=I420

Fake Pipeline

appsrc format=time do-timestamp=True is-live=true ! tee ! queue ! fakesink

There is no memory leak if we only run these pipelines and we where able to
execute code on all 4 black magic cards without any leaks.

Problem occurs when we encode video for streaming and recording continuously
i.e, start/stop recording every few minutes.

Our Encoding pipelines is as follow:
queue max-size-buffers=1000 max-size-bytes=0 max-size-time=0 leaky=2 !
nvh264enc preset=1 rc-mode=2 bitrate=2000 ! h264parse config-interval=-1 !
queue ! mpegtsmux ! queue max-size-buffers=1000 max-size-bytes=0
max-size-time=0 ! tee

Stream Pipeline:
queue ! tcpserversink host=[ip] port=[port]

Recording Pipeline:
queue ! filesink async=False sync=True name=file location=[filename]

After 15 20 recordings memory starts increasing very fast and eventually
runs out.

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