Lower-level UDP requirements

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Lower-level UDP requirements


I've been attempting to stream from an in-house IP camera over UDP LAN-to-LAN to a Texas Instruments EVM, using udpsrc.  However, no packets are being captured by udpsrc.  Now, if I use tcpdump, I see the packets fine, and checking the tcpdump output to a wireshark output on a windows machine, they look compatible and very similar to each other.  I can also stream from the windows machine to the EVM over UDP, on the same port.  

So, after further testing it appears that the camera may be the culprit.  Luckily it's in-house developed, so things can be changed.  I've attached a sample pcap capture, can anyone see why gstreamer may be upset with it?  My guess is the checksums, or that the individual packets may be over MTU size.