Invalid PTS on Wrap Around

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Invalid PTS on Wrap Around

Trying to run the following gst-launch-1.0 line:
udpsrc name=udpsrc uri=udp://localhost:50031 do-timestamp=true
caps="video/mpegts, systemstream=(boolean)true, packetsize=(int)188" !  
queue name=qtsparse ! tsparse name=tsparse   set-timestamps=true 
!         queue name=qtsdemux ! tsdemux name=tsdemux emit-stats=true
parse-private-sections=true !  queue name=qparser ! h264parse
name=parser !         queue name=qdec !   msdkh264dec name=dec !  queue
name=qmsdkh265enc ! msdkh265enc bitrate=5000 rate-control=cbr
gop-size=64 i-frames=2 target-usage=6 async-depth=1 name=msdkh265enc !
filesink location=d.h265

This works fine on linear mpegts inputs; however, if the input to udpsrc
is looped - ie. file playback - then PTS does not follow the PTS of the
input mpegts, and keeps incrementing.

Is there a way to force gst buffer pts to follow mpegts pts?


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