Imagefreeze fails when connected to input-selector

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Imagefreeze fails when connected to input-selector

Currently I have put together a very simple pipeline. It is roughly the following:


When I attempt to switch the sink pads on the input-selector, the application seg faults. However, if I change the filesrc to a videotestsrc, I am able to switch the videos(though there is sometimes a seg fault).

//Setting up the pipeline
gst_bin_add_many (GST_BIN(pipeline), video_test, imgsrc ,jpegdec0, video_switch, video_output, NULL);
  if (
     !gst_element_link(imgsrc, jpegdec0,  video_switch) ||
     !gst_element_link(video_test, video_switch) ||
     !gst_element_link(video_switch, video_output)

My pipeline is very basic, however, I am not getting the correct behavior. I have turned on the debugger and found no errors with any of the elements. I have also gone through all of the threads regarding this issue. Some have mentioned that input-selector does not handle non-live content, however, I have seen others successfully attempt this. Is this the case?