How to prepare many medias in the same time

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How to prepare many medias in the same time


I am building a RTSP server. This server is retransmiting audio and video
from security cameras. The audio and video are captured by SDK (P2P) and
retransmited via RTSP.
My problem is when the camera is offline and the server does not start the
packets transmition. The RTSP server freezes for 20 seconds and can not
prepare other medias. When camera is online and the first frame is pushed
into the pipeline, the server continues preparing other medias.
My pipeline is:
appsrc name=sourcevideo is-live=false do-timestamp=false ! h264parse !
rtph264pay perfect-rtptime=false name=pay0 pt=96
appsrc name=sourceaudio is-live=false do-timestamp=false
caps=audio/x-alaw,rate=8000,channels=1 ! alawdec ! volume volume=3.0 !
alawenc ! rawaudioparse use-sink-caps=true ! rtppcmapay
perfect-rtptime=false name=pay1 pt=97

1 - How to prepare one media without lock other medias? Is it possible
prepare more than 1 media in the same time?
2 - In this case, is better to have only 1 camera per RTSP server? What is
the best practice? How many cameras is indicated per server?

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