How to know pulsesrc allowed values for latency-time?

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How to know pulsesrc allowed values for latency-time?

wellington wallace

In my application I allow the users to change pulsesrc latency-time and buffer-time. But over time I realized a few limitations and problems:

1) Changes to these parameters do not take effect when the pipeline is in the playing state. This is not a problem for me. I am just curious if this is the intended behavior or a bug.

2) Depending on sampling rate there a few values that cannot be assigned to latency-time parameter. For example with 48 kHz I can set latency-time to 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 miliseconds with no problem. But with 44.1 kHz only 1 ms and 10 ms work. With any other value the pipeline crashes with one of the following errors:

gst_level_transform_ip: assertion 'num_int_samples % channels == 0' failed

ERROR:gstspectrum.c:991:gst_spectrum_transform_ip: assertion failed: (size == 0) 

For the majority of latency values the error that happens is the one with gst_level_transform_ip. 

As I could not find any documentation talking about restriction to pulsesrc latency values I imagine I am doing something wrong. But what could be? In case there are indeed forbidden values how can I avoid them?

Best regards,


Prof.° Wellington Wallace Miguel Melo

CEFET/RJ Uned Nova Iguaçu

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