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How to implement trick mode

Chen Yong(Ever)[陈勇]

Hi, all,

       I am developing a plug-in which obtains MPEG2 source and demux functionality. I want to add forward scan and backward scan functionality. When rate is low(< 4.0), we can process it in decoder, but I want to implement scan with high rate, maybe 32x and later. If so, this plug-in need start a new-segment and send to all down-streaming plug-ins, and send data I picture by I picture. But in my side, only 1st I picture is showed, why?

       The detail is:

1.       Application send a segment to pipeline with rate 32.0 and start time is 5 seconds

2.       When my plug-in receive this segment event, I find the correspond I picture in 5 second time point.

3.       After sent flush-stop event, push this I picture with a BUFFER DISCONT, time stamp is 5 second

REMARK: this picture can be shown.

4.       Then I push 2nd I picture with a BUFFER DISCONT, time stamp is 30 second, but this picture does not present.

REMARK: I using mpeg2dec as my mpeg2 video decoder, I trace it, found it gst_push_pad this 1st picture and not return, why?


       Any friends have experience about trick mode can teach me, thanks very much.


Best Regards,

Ever Chen

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