Help with video and audio mix

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Help with video and audio mix

I am mixing 2 flv videos using the below code :-

gst-launch-1.0 videomixer sink_1::xpos=0 sink_1::ypos=0 sink_2::xpos=0 sink_1::ypos=0 sink_3::xpos=0 sink_1::ypos=0  name=mix ! videoconvert ! "video/x-raw, height=480, width=640" ! x264enc tune=zerolatency bitrate=800 ! flvmux ! filesink location=new-mix.flv sync=true filesrc name=src1 location='/home/ubuntu/test1.flv' ! decodebin ! mix.sink_1 filesrc name=src2 location='/home/ubuntu/test2.flv' ! decodebin ! mix.sink_2

I am not getting audio in the filesink. Please help me complete this pipeline. I believe I will need audiomixer too , but dont now how to fit that into this pipeline.