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Help with development on a project

Andy Shutler

I am trying to put together an android app using Gstreamer.

What I require is more complex than the e samples provided and I was wondering if I could get some development services from someone more familiar with the library as I want to get this put together fairly quickly. 

Basically, what I am looking for needs to operate on a local LAN, with potentially no Internet. Each client will connect to a server so would like to use multicast and an RTSP server. Each client needs to be synchronized time wise so it really is an extension to the rtsp clock samples. The server needs to continually play a file (an OGG or MP3 format file) with connected clients hearing the file played repeatedly until the server user plays a different file upon request (it then goes back to playing the original file repeatedly again).

The restrictions I have is that the clients need to be in sync with the server without an NTP server on the network (ideally). 

The operation can be thought of as a band conductor (server) that plays a tempo track until he wants to start the song and plays a count in track, and then back to the tempo track again. The clients are obviously the band members listening to the tracks to get tempo and indication of the song starting. 

The final version for this app will be on Android, but I dont mind doing to coding for this part, it's really the gstreamer construction for managing the loading of sound files, RTSP multicast server and network clock syncing that I'm interested in getting help with.

If you could help with this please let me know.



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