Help -- Issues with appsrc tutorial and KLV coding

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Help -- Issues with appsrc tutorial and KLV coding

Cynthia Traeger
Please note — posting for a colleague - code snippets attached — thanks for any assistance in advance:

I'm trying to write a program using appsrc to include klv data with live video and audio in a .ts stream.

I had already written a pipeline using gst-launch that takes the live video and audio and puts in in a .ts stream and have that built and working in the program.  Un-defining 'DO" on line 309 disables the klv references and the program runs.  Defining 'DO' includes the klv parts and that is when it does not stream.

I've basically copied the appsrc bits from basic-tutorial-8 into my program but it does not seem to work.  What it looks like, to me, is that the part that generates the data - 'start feed' - is never called.  It does not generate any errors - it just does not 'run'.

I've added debugging and found some errors which I have fixed. At this point, when I run my program and basic-tutorial-8, all messages are the 'same' (mine reference klv_source, tutorial 8, audio) with no other messages.  It is just the tutorial calls the 'Start feeding' routine and 'runs' and mine does not.

From what I can tell, the code, after linking, is exactly the same for the tutorial and my program.  I'm hoping someone can explain what it is I am doing wrong.

Attached are my code and my modified version of Tutorial 8 to show the debugging.

Please note that I do understand nothing 'useful' is going on with the 'klv data' I am generating in 'push_data'.  Since the routine does not seem to even be called, I stripped it down so I can concentrate on getting it to run.  Once it is being called, I will worry about how to actually send the data I need.



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