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Matthew Waters
On 20/01/17 20:21, ivan-perez wrote:

> Hi Sebastian
> I'm having trouble with searching for the right pipeline to decode a H264
> video on my phone. I think the problem is very similar to the explained on
> this thread, so I decided to post right here instead of opening a new one.
> This is the media_codecs.xml file: http://pastebin.com/9KxHDpE3
> And this is what I get on the error logs when I use
> `amcviddec-omxgoogleh264decoder` or
> `amcviddec-omxmarvellvideohwcoda7542decoder` (on the mobile screen I get
> "GStreamer encountered a general supporting library error"):
> http://pastebin.com/raw/H5FDiqTQ
It seems your setup isn't quite right as GStreamer cannot find it's own
java files as indicated by:

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Didn't find class "org/freedesktop/gstreamer/androidmedia/GstAmcOnFrameAvailableListener" on path:

> Can you please help to decide what is the right element for amcviddec-XXX
> given the XML from my Android phone?

amcviddec-omxmarvellvideohwcoda7542 should be the right element to use.
I would suggest using decodebin or playbin to avoid hardcoding the
element name.


> Thank you in advance!

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