HLS Demux wait for playlist update and hangs

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HLS Demux wait for playlist update and hangs

I have implement below pipe line in c

gst-launch-1.0 flvmux name=mux ! filesink location=test.flv souphttpsrc
location=<url> ! hlsdemux ! multiqueue !  tsdemux name=d d.video_0100 !
queue ! h264parse !  mux. d.audio_0101 ! queue max-size-time=5
min-threshold-time=2 ! aacparse ! mux.

Application running for few hours and HLS demux wait for palylist update and
hangs.Not receiving error logs.

gstadaptivedemux.c:3133:gst_adaptive_demux_updates_loop:<hlsdemux0> Wait for
next playlist update

1) Pipeline is PLAYING state.
1) HLS Demux src PAD is "src_0"

Please help me exit or recover the pipeline.
Thank you

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