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H264 source plugin in pull mode

Vladimir Tyutin
Hi all,
I'm trying to implement source plugin that takes H264 encoded frames from HW directly. 
I use GstBaseSrc as a base class for my plugin. I have implemented it in push mode and everything works fine. 
Now I want to switch it to pull mode. But I faced with few issues:
1. virtual methods start and stop are not invoked despite I set them:
    gstbasesrc_class->start = gst_v536videosrc_start;
    gstbasesrc_class->stop = gst_v536videosrc_stop;
2. virtual method create is also not invoked. But it's also set:
gstbasesrc_class->create = GST_DEBUG_FUNCPTR (gst_v536videosrc_create);

And I have question regarding buffer size. According to documentation create will have offset and size parameters for a buffer I have to create. But how it knows the size of buffer. In my case H264 frame size is different every time. So where and how should I set buffer size?

May be there is some good example where encoded frames are taken from HW and provided in source plugin in pull mode?

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