Gstreamer-OpenGL problem on iMX6

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Gstreamer-OpenGL problem on iMX6

Hello all,
I want to use an opengl supported pipeline for my application on a iMX6
TinyRex board, but I am stuck for days now. I started with a very simple

    v4l2src ! glupload ! fakesink

to see if I can start working with openGL. With a bit of reasearch, I
realized that since the system is working in a headless mode, I should set
GST_GL_WINDOW=gbm, but I couldn't manage to make it work even in this mode.
The debug log shows that it fails to create an EGL context saying
XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set, and stops after saying EGL_NOT_INITIALIZED. The
whole output, acquired with GST_DEBUG=3,gl*:5 is  here
<>  . Can anyone help me solve this problem?


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