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GstGL assertion failure

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Hi all,

I m getting an assertion failure when trying to destroy and recreate a pipeline that makes use of GstGL components and I was wondering if someone here has a clue.

The assertion I am hitting is the following :

gst_gl_context_fill_info: assertion 'context->priv->active_thread == g_thread_self ()' failed

This manifests, occasionally, during pipeline reconstruction. If I run the app with GST_DEBUG=6 then the failure happens much faster ( at the second - third attempt to reconstruct the pipeline ) which makes me worry that there is some timing / ordering issue there happening.

The pipeline is playbin based and uses glcolorconvert and glupload for the GL part. Wrapped context and display creation is happening here and setting it is happening when receiving GST_MESSAGE_NEED_CONTEXT here.

Attached you can find a log file with GST_DEBUG=6 where the reconstruction succeeds for the first 3 times but fails then. I cannot really see from the log file what could cause this so any pointers from some more experienced eyes would be greatly appreciated.