GStreamer on iMX6 with Android M

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GStreamer on iMX6 with Android M

I have an iMX6 board with Android M on it. I want to have GStreamer as my
default media engine.

In the android source from Freescale, I can see that VPU enabled OpenMax
compliant components are present, so I thought of using gst-omx. But this
may not be the right approach as we have VPU enabled GStreamer source
available at

Approach 1: Completely replace Android Stagefright/NuPlayer with a customer
Gstreamer player which uses available gst components. Is there any open
source project doing the same. I feel the effort to develop this might be on
higher side.
Approach 2: Use the android Stagefright/NuPlayer and replace the the OMX
layer with gstreamer components. Not sure about the complexity.

Let me know your thoughts on which approach will be ideal and possible risks
or suggest any better approach.
Any pointers will be of great help.


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