GStreamer on Android with CMake

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GStreamer on Android with CMake

Hello, I'm having trouble running GStreamer on a Android device (Api level 21, NDK 13b, Android Studio 2.2.3). The Android application is build using Android Studio and Gradle, while linking against a external CMake Project. The external project contains a shared library in which resides gstreamer and a few staticly linked plugins. The Android application uses this library and is deployed to a device using Android Studio.

The Plugins are loaded via another shared library after a gst_init_check() call using the GST_PLUGIN_STATIC_DECLARE and GST_PLUGIN_STATIC_REGISTER macros. As the logcat.txt shows (see attachement), the static plugins are loaded correctly. Also the plugins are loaded before any usage of the plugins.

The Problem is, that I cannot create any GstElements or GstElementFactory objects. A call to gst_element_factory_make or similair returns a null pointer. Also the error message of the gst_parse_launch is empty (last line in the logcat.txt).


Thank you,