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GStreamer and DAB/DAB+

Russel Winder
I asked here a few weeks ago, but it was New Year's Day so it probably
went unnoticed so I thought I would take the liberty of asking again.

GStreamer has a plugin for DVB sources, it works well (though I am
hoping to be
creating a  potential replacement based on libdvbv5 over the next few
months – I know I said this last year but @@@@ happens).

Has anyone played with DAB and DAB+ within GStreamer? (I couldn't find
anything on cursory perusal of the repositories and Google.) There is
little or no Linux kernel support – /dev/swradio0 is available with
some distributions but not others, and with only a few chipsets. The
usual route seems to be librtlsdr which depends on libusb and
manipulates the chipset of the USB devices directly.

There are projects (e.g. but they
do not seem to be using GStreamer.

Asking now to make sure I am not proposing to work on something when
there is stuff already happening within the GStreamer community.

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