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GStreamer aging


I am developing application with 3 independent operations on video file: recording, playback and inspection. All done using GStreamer. It is QT app. IDE is Visual Studio.

It is working fine.
As i said, is still under development. So, a lot of debug stuff, start, stop,....
And it is starting to throw strange exceptions at the end of working day (8 hours).
All becomes fine after restarting computer.
Or on next day (it is also "restarting computer").
It is looks like, what it is "collecting errors in a time".

I can not say myself as an expert, but definitely not a not a novice. Almost one years of GStreamer experience.
Of course, it is possible what i am doing something wrong.

How possible it is?
Maybe i need to "clean" something at application start?

Thank you in advance.