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Emilov, Ivan



I‘m Ivan and I’m developing an appopriate application on the DaVinci Board TMS320DM355. Actually I need to stream the encoded with the dm355  mpeg.4 videos in real time. Also I want to stream a speech file provided from the dm355 and synchronyze it with the video. As i read here:  there is a way to achieve this result with the Gstreamer. But I didn’t find an appopriate package for the Dm355 Evaluation Board. I found only this link: but the package that i downloaded is applicable for DM6446. So my question is: can I use these package for my DM355 board or I have to download another one and where can i find it. It would be very helpful to get an insatllation and a configuration guide like in this link.


With friendly greetings!

Thank you in advance


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