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Julien Isorce

Some news about the problem I was talking on IRC yesterday.
About G_LOG_DOMAIN (  with vc8  )  which was always set to 0 (same about GST_CAT_DEFAULT) and so I could not use severals domains or categories.

After some investigations it seems that since 11-Mar-2008, the file glibconfig.h introduces:
/* varargs macros available since msvc8 (vs2005) */
#  if _MSC_VER >= 1400
#    define G_HAVE_ISO_VARARGS 1
#   endif

Ok so then I have upgraded my win32 glib dev package and then I can use several G_LOG_DOMAINs. So that's cool.

But it caused some "error C2065: '__func__' : undeclared identifier" for GST_DEBUGs.
So I have added:  #define __func__ __FUNCTION__ in glibconfig.h:

/* varargs macros available since msvc8 (vs2005) */
#  if _MSC_VER >= 1400
#    define G_HAVE_ISO_VARARGS 1
#    define __func__ __FUNCTION__
#   endif

Then I can also use several gst custom categories. ( Waw, I could not,  with vc8,  for a long time)
But I am not sure to define __func__ as __FUNCTION__ in the best place (glibconfig.h).
And so I would like to know how the gstreamer developpers do on win32 with vc8 ?



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