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Fwd: RTP/RTCP (interleved ) dump and gstreamer

Paweł Kopalko
Hello,  I'm wondering if the following is at all possible:
I have a dump of RTCP/RTP interleaved data from an RTSP server containing pcm_alaw (pt=8) and H264 (dyn pt=96).
I can parse the data and actually I was able to depacketize (in code) the H264 stream and see the video.
I would, in the end, like to achieve a playable video file with sound.
I've tried to use gst-launch-1.0 with something like this:

gst-launch-1.0 tcpserversrc host=loclahost port=6000 ! rtpbin ! fakesink

and then I've socated the dummped file to like that socat FILE:dump tcp:localhost:6000

with  the GST_DEBUG=*:0 I can actually see that there is parsing going on and so on.

Question I have now how can I put this data to playable video file. I know there are some considerations with timestamps, but I think that the RTCP reports should cover if they are parsed.
btw. when I add dump=1 to fakesink where will be the data dumped?


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