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Fwd: Need help in fixing Gstreamer AppSrc example in Java

Manoj Nirala
Dear All,

Based on examples and discussions that I found over the internet, I have tried to put together a code that uses AppSrc to capture a video from a webcam. This code is written only to serve as a proof of concept for a video processing project, that I am engaged with using gstreamer java. I need help in filling some of the gaps that I am unable to follow.

This code uses OpenCV Videocapture to mimic my application which constantly generates RGB images at a certain speed. I want to push these images into a gstreamer pipeline for which I am using appsrc. In order to avoid losing data, I am pushing the images generated from OpenCV into a Queue and letting appsrc pull data from this queue whenever NEEDDATA flag is turned ON. The images are finally to be rendered as a video played at 30 frames per second (or at another given frequency). 

Attached below is my Java Code which uses OpenCV 3.3.0 apart from gstreamer 1.12. I would greatly appreciate any help from the community to fix the problem in this example pipeline.

Used Jar Files: jna-4.4.0.jar; opencv-330.jar; gst1-java-core-0.9.2.jar

Thank you all.

Best Regards,

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