Failed to receive and send RTP H264 stream via "rtpsession" simultaneously

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Failed to receive and send RTP H264 stream via "rtpsession" simultaneously

Hi all,

My application needs to receive RTP video stream from a network RTSP server,
and  then re-transfer this RTP stream to other receivers via "multiudpsink",
and also keep track of the packet lost stats between my application and
other receivers.

Here is my initial pipeline with "rtpsession" plugin:

gst-launch-1.0 rtspsrc location=rtsp:// !
'application/x-rtp,media=(string)video, clock-rate=(int)90000,
encoding-name=(string)H264,payload=(int)96' ! .recv_rtp_sink rtpsession
name=session .recv_rtp_src ! multiudpsink
clients="," sync=false async=false \
udpsrc port=5001 caps="application/x-rtcp" ! session.recv_rtcp_sink \
session.send_rtcp_src ! udpsink port=5002

Basically, this pipeline tries to use one multiudpsink to send this RTP
stream to multiple RTP receivers/clients, and sends RTCP SR packets on UDP
port 5002, receives RTCP RR packets on UDP port 5001.

However, the desired receivers can NOT receive and decode the RTP/H264 video

Can "rtpsession" be used both as sender and receiver at the same time?
If not, what is the possible solution for my application?

Best regards,

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