Failed to load plugin when suing custom plugin

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Failed to load plugin when suing custom plugin

Hey all,

So i tried creating a custom plugin which inherits from gstvideofilter. I
basically just took what was in gstmedian and barely modified it, basically
it was just to understand how the plugins work and playing around with them.
But after i made the plugin(using make_element) and complied it(directing
gstreamer to the plugins files using --gst-plugin-path) it gives me the

"gst-plugin-scanner:5477): Gstreamer-WARNING **: Failed to load plugin
'src/.libs/': src/.libs/ undefined
symbol: gst_video_filter_get_type"
WARNING: erroneous pipeline: no element "customelem""

So i guess my questions are:
1. How do i fix this?
2. Does this mean that Gstreamer cannot find gstvideofilter which is inside
gstbase(If so why does a plain element work, which should inherit from

Thanks for taking the time to read this

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