Dynamically Adaptive Video using RTP/RTCP

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Dynamically Adaptive Video using RTP/RTCP


I am working on an application which requires video streaming from a
V4L2 webcam on a drone to a laptop. In this project, I need the H.264
encoded video to adaptively modify its bitrate according to the
available bandwidth of the WiFi link between the drone and the laptop.
The sender in this case is a computer mounted on the drone, and the
receiver is the laptop.

I plan on using RTCP packets for relaying the QoS information from the
laptop to the drone. However, I am not sure how to change the encoder's
settings during streaming based on the QoS report. Is using Dynamically
Controllable Parameters
the way to implement this?

I have also gone through the QoS tutorial documentation
Since this doesn't discuss receiving QoS information the receiver, is
this only for measuring the intra-pipeline QoS due to bottlenecks in the

Lastly, how can I configure GstRTSPServer to accept and process RTCP

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