Dynamic file playback causes timestamp disconts

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Dynamic file playback causes timestamp disconts

Hi All!

My main pipeline consists of several appsrc's mixed together and routed to
alsasink finally:

appsrc -> audioconvert -> audiomixer -> capsfilter -> audioconvert ->

I need to playback audio from file occasionally, I use dynamically created
pipeline branch for that:

filesrc -> rawaudioparse -> audioconvert -> audioresample -> audioamplify ->

The behavior of the pipeline with the file-playing branch is strange.

When I set filesrc.do-timestamp=TRUE, everything works perfectly, but only
for files that do not require resampling.
E.g. the capsfilter is setup at 48KHz, when I use file encoded at 16KHz, the
'audioresample' element starts generating timestamp disconts and produces
garbled file playback.

On the other hand, if I set filesrc.do-timestamp=FALSE, files are played
back from the middle, and being cut at the end.

What I am missing, please help!

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