Duration of the file saved by multifilesink is 0

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Duration of the file saved by multifilesink is 0

Michelle Guo
Hi everyone:
I create a pipeline to save the h264 stream come from rtp/udp, the stream is
saved using multifilesink to several files with the fixed size. I use the
following pipeline:

gst-launch-1.0 -m rtpbin name=rtpbin \
 port=5000 buffer-size=131027 ! queue ! rtpbin.recv_rtp_sink_0  rtpbin. !
rtph264depay \
 queue ! "video/x-h264,width=1024,height=768,framerate=(fraction)25/1" !
matroskamux ! queue ! matroskademux ! queue ! matroskamux ! multifilesink
location="../save%d.mkv" next-file=4 post-messages=TRUE max-files=300

The files saved are played successfully, and I can get the right message of
the files like this :

Got message #916 from element "multifilesink0" (element): GstMultiFileSink,
filename=(string)/home/root/save0.mkv, index=(int)0,
timestamp=(guint64)4000000000, stream-time=(guint64)4000000000,
running-time=(guint64)4000000000, duration=(guint64)40000000,
offset=(guint64)1038993, offset-end=(guint64)1050207;
Got message #1018 from element "multifilesink0" (element): GstMultiFileSink,
filename=(string)/home/root/save1.mkv, index=(int)1,
timestamp=(guint64)8208000000, stream-time=(guint64)8208000000,
running-time=(guint64)8208000000, duration=(guint64)40000000,
offset=(guint64)2084536, offset-end=(guint64)2095921;

However, I can't query duration of the file. Can anybody help?
Thanks a lot,


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