Duplicate timestamps observed using rtspsrc

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Duplicate timestamps observed using rtspsrc

I have a pipeline as follows:

rtspsrc -> depay -> parse -> decode -> videoconvert -> appsink

I am setting the new_sample callback on appsink to get notified about new samples, at which point I use gst_app_sink_pull_sample to pull the sample.

Everything works well, but I've observed that sometimes, at least for some setups (the difference of which I haven't yet figured out), I will sometimes pull a sample with the exact same GST_BUFFER_PTS as the previous sample.

Is this normal/acceptable/possible? What might lead such a thing to happen?

For some setups I haven't seen this at all, while for others the pipeline is littered with many thousands of these duplicates in some time...

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

- Bill

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