C++ / Gstreamer - Using gst_buffer_get_reference_timestamp_meta function

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C++ / Gstreamer - Using gst_buffer_get_reference_timestamp_meta function

I am trying to use alternative timestamp with an existing gstreamer based
video acquisition code. I am not allowed to post the code and have little
expertise with Gstreamer, to provide a minimal example for this case. I am
currently looking for a method to use the function:

gst_buffer_get_reference_timestamp_meta (GstBuffer * buffer,
GstCaps * reference)

My code has the following line:
std::cout << "Ref timestamp meta: " <<
gst_buffer_get_reference_timestamp_meta(buf, sample_caps) << std::endl;

However, this throws the error:
'gst_buffer_get_reference_timestamp_meta' was not declared in this scope

I tried adding #include <gst/gstbuffer.h> other than gst.h, but this did not
resolve the issue. I also tried reinstalling Gstreamer.

I suspect that sample_caps is not the appropriate kind of GstCaps element;
but I don't think that it should throw a declaration error as it satisfies
the type requirement for the second argument. Kindly provide suggestions.

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