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Audio Disable for only audio playback


    I am trying to disable audio, while playing a "only-audio" file.

But then what is the expected result???

I am expecting a behavior such that after removing audio sink and linking
with fakesink (with sync=TRUE), can the pipeline run without outputting any
data, but with elapsed time increasing.

Can the above behavior be achieved or is there a possibility.

Currently the moment audio sink is removed I get GST_MESSAGE_CLOCK_LOST.
But then after handling that message I have no element in the pipeline that
can provide me clock.
So my playback goes for toss.

But the same is working for disabling audio and video for a audio-video
That is to say in case of audio-video files, there is no audio and video
outputs. But elapsed time keeps incrementing.

Can the same behavior be achieved while playing only a single stream (only
audio or only video files).

Please let me know if I can refer something on the same

Thanks in Advance :-)

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