Androidmedia (amc) plugins not found.

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Androidmedia (amc) plugins not found.

I am trying to decode HEVC video on my tablet. However I keep getting this
error - n*o element amcviddec-omxgooglehevcdecoder*. Going through this
forum an on debugging I found that the amc plugin may not be loaded at all
since when I do the following,

GList *elements = gst_element_factory_list_get_elements
  for (l = elements; l; l = l->next) {
    GstElementFactory *f = l->data;
    g_print ("factory: %s\n", GST_OBJECT_NAME (f));
I don't see amc and androidmedia in the output messages.

I have downloaded this binary - gstreamer-1.0-android-universal-1.12.3 and
gst-docs which does contain androidmedia:
I have also made sure that in androidmedia is listed as part of
the GSTREAMER_PLUGINS. My device Verizon Elipsis 10 does contain the
/etc/media_codecs.xml. The media_codecs.xml includes via href
media_codecs_google_video.xml which contains the
that I am trying to use.

The pipeline is:
  data->pipeline = gst_parse_launch("filesrc
location=/storage/emulated/0/hevc/hevcfile.ts "
   " ! tsdemux ! queue ! h265parse ! amcviddec-omxgooglehevcdecoder !
autovideosink sync=false", &error);

The application compiles fine and creates an apk. If I use the software
decoder avdev_h265 it works fine. If I use decodebin or playbin it ends up
selecting avdev_h265.

*Do I need to compile the amc plugin from scratch*? I do see these files,
under gstreamer android binaries.

This posts
mentions that "..there are some dependent files which need to be installed
besides the gstreamer application", *what files are needed*?

Please help!

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Re: Androidmedia (amc) plugins not found.

Did you find the solution in the mean time?

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